Stories of Hope and Recovery from Child Abuse
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Stories of Hope and Recovery from Child Abuse

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These are recovery stories, not stories of abuse. The stories do not contain any detail of child abuse.

They are meant to support you along the way of your very personal recovery journey.

Each survivor has a different view about what recovery will be for them and that meaning will also evolve over time.
It is a very personal journey with various goals including being able to function on a daily basis, and beyond functioning,
being able to enjoy life, developing the strength within, and finding peace within. Never give up.

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Being Gentle on Yourself:
Regaining Trust:
Taking Charge of Your Health:
Tackling Fears:
Developing Healthier Relationships:
Never Give Up:
The Stories

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The stories are meant to support: care has been taken to remove dramatic description and unnecessary details. They have been written with the intent of supporting, not triggering. They are not a guideline nor are they right or wrong. They may help you in some way but might also trigger you so please ensure you do have a support network at hand and ways to deal with your own triggers if you do get triggered. Self-care is an important part of recovery. Take care of yourself and Be Gentle On Yourself (B.G.Y.O.) as you read through.