Glorious Noiz Musical Busking Workshop - 2019 Woodstock Show

Sunday 01 September 2019

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Workshop description

  • Venue: Woodstock Showground, West Robinson Loftus and, South St, Woodstock NSW 2793.
  • Date and Times: Father's Day: 1 September 2019, 9am-2pm
  • Busking Location: Shed located between the Pavillion, and the Wool block, and in front of the toilet block.
This musical busking workshop at the 2019 Woodstock Show provides a safe space for young people (under 18yo) to practice playing their music to a friendly family-focused audience in an outdoor setting.

Purpose: Aim at busking on your own beyond the workshop: develop confidence to play your music in public, learn your responsibilities as a busker, learn what to pack, learn what is important to you, and how to manage your area, and the audience... whilst enjoying your music.

Your responsibility as a player:
  • Bring your musical instrument and music, appropriate clothing, water and food, and a will to learn and share
  • Give yourself enough time to setup and start on time for your chosen timeslot
  • Use the supplied equipment respectfully eg microphone, amplifier, music stand, keyboard
  • Respect the other workshop participants
  • Provide a gold coin to the organiser to support the busking workshops if and only if it was gained whilst busking at the workshop. No earning, no support fee.
Our responsibility:
  • Organise the legal use of the public space
  • Provide the resources to support the player such as microphone, amplifier, music stand, keyboard
  • Refund the reservation fee in the player donation box at start of play.
    Note that the reservation fee will not be refunded if the player does not come to play at the confirmed timeslot.
  • Ensure the player whilst playing is safe
  • Facilitate the learning of each player seeking feedback
NOT our responsibility:
  • the well-being of players registered for the workshop but awaiting playing is not our responsibility.
    It is expected that the well-being of players awaiting playing falls under the responsibility of their parent or accompanying adult.


The event is closed.

Six young performers participated and enjoyed the event.

Well done to them all!

  • Each participant did:
    • choose a 15 minutes timeslot from the list of available timeslots below.
    • email the chosen timeslot, name of the young person, instrument, and contact phone number.
    • await email confirmation including bank details to pay a $5 reservation fee which will be reimbursed on the day.
      If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, check your spam email folder where emails are sometimes redirected to, else call 0458 698 460.

  • 15mns Timeslots currently available are highlighted and green. Those pending confirmation are marked Res(erved). Completed registrations show the initials of the player, and instrument (c: clarinet. f: flute. k: keyboard. ts: tenor sax. v: vocals. vi:violin)

    09:00: 09:15: 09:30: 09:45:
    10:00: 10:15: 10:30: 10:45:
    11:00: 11:15: KB(c) 11:30: EF(f) 11:45: CF(c)
    12:00: CF(k) 12:15: 12:30: 12:45:
    13:00: HR(k) 13:15: JR(vi) 13:30: JR(v)
    & PS(ts)
    13:45: TR(k)

  • Notes:
    • the reservation fee is to ensure a timeslot is available to as many participants as possible.
    • there may be a possibility of more play time on the day if timeslots are available.
    • if the young person would rather play for less than 15mns, the organiser will ensure continuity of play.

    Have a nice day