With hope, appropriate support, and perseverance, recovery from child abuse is possible.

Friday 05 October 2018

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Event Description

Stories of Hope and Recovery from Child Abuse is an event run as three (3) separate sessions in a safe space for the community members who have experienced abuse or trauma in childhood, or who wish to understand the small steps required for long term recovery and the difficulty to carry out such steps.

Each session varies in terms of stories and participants. All three sessions may be attended independently of each other.

By attending this event attendees will:

  • Appreciate the impact of child abuse on trust and relationships, self-esteem, health, wellbeing and other life issues which the participants will touch on through their story of recovery
  • Learn about the long term and short term strategies survivors have to put in place to recover from child abuse
  • Appreciate the difficulty in embarking and remaining on the recovery journey
  • Learn through the stories where to go to find help, how to self-care and interact in healthy ways with loved ones and others, and explore possibilities for recovery

Event details

Presenter/s: The facilitator of the support group for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse - Cowra, formed in February 2011 - over 7 years ago. Other survivors will participate to share their story of hope and recovery, and local musicians will provide live music to gently connect the stories and enhance the sharing experience.
Venue: Theatrette, Cowra Civic Centre, Darling St, COWRA NSW 2794
Date: Friday 5 October 2018; Start Times: Three (3) two (2) hour sessions 09:30; 15:00; 19:00.
Includes: Live music will be played at each session as a gentle participant.

  • Attendance to each session costs $2 paid upon entry. No ticket provided.
  • Alternatively laminated tickets are available. The ticket has been designed as a folded laminated resource card which should fit in most wallets. Each card acts as a ticket giving access to all 3 sessions and as a long term resource card with websites, helplines, etc, which can be kept in wallets. Such tickets can be bought for $5 at the it matters market stall at the Cowra Community Market at the Showground Pavillion on September, 15 , or Contact us to make other arrangement.


The event is closed.

The first session saw three musicians and two guest speakers. The discussion was very interesting even though no external party attended the event.
There was no attendance to the next two sessions so we will need to find better ways to engage next time.

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    Friday 5 October 2018