ASCA educational workshop for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse

Saturday 05 December 2015

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This full-day educational workshop provides a safe space for people, who have experienced abuse or trauma in childhood, to learn more about what that experience means and how it may have affected them and now. It will raise awareness about survivorsí strengths and resilience, the role of coping strategies, how the brain responds to stress, and most importantly research which shows that recovery is possible.

Participants will gain information which may help them build on their strengths, understand their reactions and ways of coping and identify strategies for positive change. Participants will also receive information about finding and engaging good support, accessing helpful resources and self-care strategies.

By attending this workshop participants will:

  • Understand childhood trauma and abuse, how common it is and how it often relates to current challenges with relationships, self-esteem, health, wellbeing and other life issues
  • Learn about their strengths, the ways they coped in childhood, are coping now and explore possible changes in the future
  • Understand more about the brain, the biology of stress, and triggers with tips on how to recognise and manage them better
  • Explore strategies to help manage their emotions and levels of arousal
  • Learn where to go to find help, how to care for themselves, interact in healthy ways with loved ones and others, and explore possibilities for recovery

This workshop is educational rather than therapy; it focuses on safety, self-care and support. While there is some group discussion during the workshop, there is no obligation to speak and participants are not encouraged to share their stories.

All ASCA training and education is grounded in the latest research presented in ASCA Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery (ASCA guidelines)

Who should attend?
Adult survivors (over 16 years of age) who have experienced any form of childhood trauma and/or abuse. This includes emotional, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, growing up in domestic violence situation of with a parent with a mental illness, who is depressed, suicidal or abuses substances, when a parent is imprisoned or other forms of separation e.g. divorce, grief and loss.

Workshop details

Presenter: ASCA (
Venue: Senior Citizen Hall, Welcome St, Cooke Park, Parkes NSW 2870
Date: Saturday 05 December 2015; Time: 10am-4pm with registration from 09:45.
Cost: FREE (Subsidised by the ASCA - Cowra support group from donations).
Includes: One day of training, handouts, tea and coffee facilities available. Bring your own lunch.


Registration is closed.

Thirteen survivors expressed interest and eight found the energy and braced themselves to attend so they could find some of the answers to their questions and learn how to enjoy a better life.

The atmosphere in the room was very supportive and made possible by all survivors and a very knowledgeable and approchable presenter and survivor. A nice day to spend together indeed.

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The workshop is subsidised by the ASCA - Cowra support group from donations.

If you wish to donate, before or after the workshop, please call 0458 698 460, or email Pascale, the ASCA - Cowra Support group co-ordinator and she will send you an email with all details to make such donation.

When the donation is received you will be sent a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank you for considering donating towards this workshop.

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