ASCA CPD half day workshop for all staff: Foundation for Trauma-Informed Practice

Friday 04 December 2015

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Workshop description (Source: - Professionally endorsed - CPD Endorsed

Many people presenting to community services have experiences of past and/or present trauma. Trauma from childhood, a form of complex trauma (including all forms of abuse, neglect and other adverse experiences) is common and especially damaging. It is usually interpersonal, repeated and cumulative. Its impacts are not well recognised, understood and/or addressed.

By attending this half-day professional development training participants will have a better understanding of the prevalence and types of trauma and how complex trauma impacts on adults - their sense of self, health, wellbeing, life opportunities, and relationships.
Participants will take home tips and strategies to engage in safe, trustworthy, and collaborative interactions which minimise stress, de-escalate challenging situations and enable recovery.

By participating in this professional development training participants will be able to:

  • Define trauma and the long-term impacts of complex trauma on adult physical, mental health and psychosocial outcomes
  • Recognise the effects of stress on the body and brain, including its relationship to emotional regulation and arousal; apply strategies to support self-regulation and safety (worker and client/survivor)
  • Recognise service practices which are trauma informed and support recovery
  • Name the five principles of Trauma-Informed Practice and apply them to their role, interactions and/or service
  • Understand that recovery is possible and identify ways to support
This training is based on evidence from ASCA’s internationally and nationally and acclaimed Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery (ASCA guidelines)

Who should attend?

As an orientation for all staff across diverse service settings including health, community, legal, justice, mental health, AOD, disability, housing and/or employment services.
Role examples: Front desk/reception staff; administrative staff; volunteers; ancillary and support staff; new graduates in health and human services; orientation for all staff in any organisation

Workshop details

Presenter: ASCA (
Venue: Scoble room, Parkes Neighbourhood Centre – 80-82 Currajong Street, Parkes NSW 2870
Date: Friday 04 December 2015; Time: 13:00-17:00 with registration from 12:45
Cost: FREE (Subsidised by the ASCA - Cowra support group from donations. Consider donating).
Deposit: $50 to secure your seat; limited seats. Only refundable upon attendance to the workshop.
Includes: Half day of training, handouts. Bring your own drinks and snacks


Registration is closed.

Event has successfully run with attendees providing feedback that they would recommend the workshop to their colleagues and seeking further training in vicarious trauma with ASCA head office, Sydney.

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The workshop is subsidised by the ASCA - Cowra support group from donations.

If you wish to donate, before or after the workshop, please call 0458 698 460, or email Pascale, the ASCA - Cowra Support group co-ordinator and she will send you an email with all details to make such donation.

When the donation is received you will be sent a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank you for considering donating towards this workshop.

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