ASCA workshop for Health Professional: Working with adult survivors of complex trauma

Friday 22 May 2015

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Workshop description (Source: - Professionally endorsed - CPD Endorsed

Complex trauma is cumulative, underlying and interpersonal. To minimise the risk of re-traumatisation, working with adult survivors of complex trauma requires specialist knowledge which is both trauma-informed and grounded in research into the neurobiology of attachment.

By attending this one-day professional development training participants will learn about the difference between single-incident and complex trauma, their respective impacts on the person and intervention modalities. Participants will acquire a grounding in the latest research around the neurobiology of attachment and recovery and the core principles of working safely with adult survivors of complex trauma. They will take home tips to engage in safe and collaborative interactions with clients as well as strategies for professional self-care.

By attending this professional development training participants will:

  • Understand trauma, complex trauma and how to apply the principles of trauma-informed practice
  • Learn about attachment and child development in the presence of stress, coping strategies and their impacts on adult
  • Learn about the brain, stress response, the importance of neural integration and implications for practice
  • Acquire the key principles for working with adult survivors: safety, stabilisation, self-regulation
  • Understand the relationships between professional self-care and client safety; acquire self-care strategies
Material presented in the training will be comprehensive, and will draw on the research based of the ASCA Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery (ASCA guidelines)

Who should attend?

Psychologists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health nurses, social workers, general practitioners , psychiatrists working in therapeutic contexts with adults survivors of complex trauma.

Workshop details

Trainer: ASCA (
Venue: Cowra Library (Darling st) - Multi-purpose room (at the back of the library, entry on the parking side)
When: Friday 22 May 2015
Time: 9am-5pm with registration from 8.45am
Cost: FREE (Subsidised by the ASCA - Cowra support group from donations).
Deposit: $100 to secure your seat. Fully refundable upon attendance to the course. Not refundable otherwise.

Includes: One day of training, handouts, tea and coffee facilities available. Bring your own lunch.


Registration is closed.

Event has successfully run with all attendees providing feedback that they would recommend the workshop to their colleagues.

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The workshop is subsidised by the ASCA - Cowra support group from donations.

If you wish to donate, before or after the workshop, please call 0458 698 460, or email Pascale, the ASCA - Cowra Support group co-ordinator and she will send you an email with all details to make such donation.

When the donation is received you will be sent a tax-deductible receipt.

Thank you for considering donating towards this workshop.

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