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Consultancy Profile

  • In the Information Technology industry in Australia since the 1990s, the consultancy worked with small businesses, state, and federal government departments as wells as individuals.
  • The consultancy as a Pty Ltd remained an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier whilst the program was running from 1998 to 2007 - providing its clients with the assurance of a financially stable supplier scrutinised by the Commonwealth Department of Finance.
  • Although IT Matters was over the years involved in all stages of software development and associated education, the current focus is on data management.
  • With a strong background in relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server), participating in numerous projects of budgets from small to millions of dollars, within small teams and teams counting hundreds of consultants.
  • From Data Architecture and Data Governance to Data Modelling, Database Design, Data Quality and Data Reporting.
  • On all size projects at Health, Patent, NSW State Rail, Industry, Air services, ACS (Customs), Family and Community Services, ATO, AFMA (Fisheries), NSW Department of Primary Industries, etc.
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Data Management

  • Data Management and Education (see below) are the focus of IT Matters.
  • Managing data is a task which all individuals and businesses can always improve upon to make their life easier or their businesses more efficient.
  • For individuals it can simply be to organise data at a small office in a set of well-thought digital folders in a computer.
  • For businesses, government departments, or community groups, the target could be to ensure the right data feeds into the right business process to produce the right results.
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  • At IT Matters, we believe that education is paramount: empowering people with the appropriate knowledge and skills, sharing resources thus fostering independence.
  • We focus on delivering courses in Information Technology (I.T.) whether on site or off site.
  • We also liaise with other training providers to organise and deliver training in other fields such as health.
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Volunteering & Support Groups

  • Access the groups that I.T.Matters hosts, provides, or has provided pro-bono consulting to as part of the role we have a responsibility to play in our communities.
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